postal code honey

Toronto Honey is truly local.  In fact, we track our honey by the postal codes where the honeybees "make their deliveries".  You can buy our truly local honey knowing you’re about to enjoy nectar from very local plants and trees.  We’re sure you’ll notice the difference in the flavours between each postal code and between the Summer and Fall harvests.  

Summer honey is light in colour, very flavour forward and can have a strong taste. Honey from the second harvest is much darker, has a more robust bouquet and gentler or rounder on the palette.  It is amazing how the bees produce such remarkably different tasting honey from the trees and flowers that bloom throughout the seasons in the City. 

When the honey is ready to be harvested it is removed from the hives, uncapped by hand and extracted using centrifugal force. Then the sweet rewards flow through one sieve and into a food grade container, sealed and delivered to you.  The honey is never filtered or heated and because we use one sieve much of the natural goodness including traces of pollen comes to you in a bottle.

Our bees produce honey in these Postal Codes and is available by bottle in the Summer and Fall

M1B Honey


M4A Honey


M4Y Honey


M5H Honey