Your Hive and Your Honey

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Anyone can join the Hive Share. Membership is open all year and when you join before May you will enjoy truly local, raw, unpasteurized honey after the harvest in the Fall. 

YOUR HIVE - Choose between a quarter hive, a half hive and a whole hive share.  In most years you will receive a mix of liquid honey from the first and second harvest as well as natural honey comb.

You will learn where your hive is located and will receive updates throughout the year.

And if you live in the GTA I will deliver the honey to your door when it is ready.

Plus, all of my clients are invited to bring a friend to visit the hives with me one sunny day. Bring a camera and be prepared to learn a bit about bees and beekeeping.

YOUR HONEY- When the honey is ready to be harvested it is removed from the hives, uncapped by hand and extracted using centrifugal force. The honey flows through one sieve and into a food grade container, sealed and delivered to you.

Toronto Honey is not filtered or heated and our process allows all of the natural goodness including traces of pollen to reach you. This "hands off" approach preserves the natural vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and other nutritional elements you want in raw honey.

Did you know honey contains active anti-bacterial ingredients that can help the immune system, the heart and build immunity to seasonal allergies such as hay fever ? And the best part is that both harvests taste great.

Your hive is personally tended by me throughout the seasons.  Most of us think about honeybees and how busy they are during the summer months but a beekeeper can tell you there is a lot of work to do all year long   We feed, divide, repair, build, paint, check the heath of the hives, wrap for winter, prevent and catch swarms and on my off days I like to get involved in beekeeping festivals and have even participated in beekeeping and the arts  - with the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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