Adopt a Hive

2013-06-21 17.52.10.jpg


If you would like to help increase the population of these prolific pollinators who help to diversify and strengthen plant life throughout the City, Toronto Honey has a few suggestions for you.

First, why not adopt a hive!  You can select a colour for the hive or, if you are feeling really creative and want an interesting bee project, you can design and paint the hive boxes yourself.  I will deliver the equipment to you along with paint and brushes, provide some simple guidelines and leave you to it. Once your masterpiece is complete I will pick it up, find a new home for your art and fill it full of bees.  It’s a fun project for your family or for your team at work. I will take photos of the working hive and send you updates throughout the seasons telling you how your hive is doing. Contact me to learn more about art and pollination.